Funk Against The Wall – Prince

This started out as a tribute to a RIBS: Question Of The Day discussion on slow jams by funk bands.  Eventually, I deleted all the bands (to save for another day) but Prince.

Prince can’t be a ‘piece’ of anything.  Prince  was the whole enchilada.







Class of ’75 – Motown Memories

This month marks 10 years of the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration.  I wasn’t there at the beginning; I wish I had been.  Cupid’s Hunt not only introduced me to some very awesome folks – it led me back to my old love of mixing music, and to renewed ties with old friends.

This year also marks a milestone for the Class of ’75.  Most of us – who haven’t already – will hit the Big 6-0 this year;  and I am all for celebrating the blessing that is being here, able to make noise for those who are not.  And,  while YEARS have passed since we walked across those graduation stages and celebrated finally being “legal”, the music we listened to during those first years of spreading our wings remains timeless.





TNS – Cupid’s Hunt – Motown Memories

  1. Cupid’s Hunt 10th Anniversary –  TGrundy
  2. JBethune
  3. A Song For You –  The Temptations
  4. Let’s Get It On (Album Version) –  Marvin Gaye
  5. Sista Suga
  6. You Sure Love To Ball (Album Version) –  Marvin Gaye
  7. Distant Lover (Album Version) –  Marvin Gaye
  8. Baby Come Close  – Smokey Robinson
  9. Paradise –  Temptations
  10. DarrenKeith
  11. Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) –  The Temptations
  12. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) –  The Temptations
  13. Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need –  Eddie Kendricks
  14. Too Shy To Say (Album Version) –  Stevie Wonder
  15. Heavenly –  The Temptations
  16. Angel Turner
  17. All In Love Is Fair Stevie Wonder
  18. Dream World (Wings Of Love) Temptations
  19. Deep And Quiet Love Eddie Kendricks
  20. Firefly The Temptations
  21. TGrundy
  22. Memories – The Temptations

Cupid’s Hunt: An Evening With Boyz II Men




It was quite a challenge focusing on the “Countdown To Love” this year. There have been family losses; and farewells to so many who were part of the soundtrack of our lives.

But, I have to hand it to Greg.  He’s not even much of an RnB fan (he prefers C&W); but, to kick off the Valentine’s Day (and Cupid’s Hunt) weekend after celebrating our 37th anniversary, he whisked us off to spend Friday evening with Boyz II Men.  It was our first live concert since 1979 (!).

The Boyz have grown to men.  The group has suffered a loss as well – Mike McCrary left the group in 2003 due to health issues – but, they are still here, serving up that Motownphilly groove like warm, melted chocolate.  They inspired quite a few of us that night.   (During “Open Arms”, a young man in the front row went down on one knee in front of his lady, ring box in hand; and the Boyz serenaded them.)

Still it was a challenge bringing this one home; until the angel on my shoulder took me to my Motown ‘home’.







Boyz II Men

Ribbon In The Sky (A Cappella) –  Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville, USA


Uhh Ahh –  Cooleyhighharmony

Please Don’t Go –  Cooleyhighharmony

Losing Sleep – Collide


Hey Lover (with LL Cool J) – Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection

Water Runs Dry – Twenty

What You Won’t Do (with MC Lyte) – Throwback

Sista Suga

I’ll Make Love To You (Boyz II Men/Babyface Mix) – Babyface Unplugged NYC 1997/II

50 Candles – II

Four Seasons of Loneliness – Twenty

Mr. Fresh

End Of The Road – Twenty

On Bended Knee – Twenty

More Than You’ll Ever Know (with Charlie Wilson)


Flow – Twenty

In the Still Of The Night (I’ll Remember) – Legacy:  The Greatest Hits Collection

Open Arms – Love


Just My Imagination (Temptations/Boyz II Men Mix) – Hitsville USA/Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville, USA


Yeah, there was some MJ in there, too.  Did you hear it?

For Mom and Dad…This Is Not Our Radio Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke Recording at RCA Studios

Our radio Sam Cooke sent pop tunes, designed to ‘cross over’ and appeal to a wider audience, dancing from our hi-fi speakers.  But, Sam Cooke also recorded some bluesy, smoky room, chit’lin circuit, slow-drag-across-the-floor tunes that reminds us why he was known as the King of Soul and The Man Who Invented Soul.

Born January 22, 1931, Sam Cooke was one of the first (if not THE first) Black artists to own his own record label, publishing imprint and management firm.  He wrote most of the songs he recorded; oversaw some of the song arrangements; and groomed other up-and-coming artists.  His talent was undeniable. His death, at the age of 33,  was mysterious, senseless and tragic.

I’ve included some of his pop tunes that were so popular when I was growing up.  But, I’ve also included some of his more soulful ballads. My favorite is  “For Sentimental Reasons” – definitely not the version I heard growing up.  I can just picture my Mom and Dad, slow-dragging across the floor.

Today marks the first anniversary of the day my Mom joined Dad at his stage-side table on the Night Shift.  I miss them terribly.  This is my Valentine to them.

dad and mom

I hope they’re dancing.




cupid's hunt 8


1. Cupid – Solo

2. JBethune

3. Cupid – Sam Cooke

4. You Send Me – Sam Cooke

5. You Send Me – The Ovations (featuring Louis Williams)

6. There I’ve Said It Again – Sam Cooke

7. Darling, I Need You Now – Sam Cooke

8. Bring It on Home to Me – The Drifters/Sam Cooke

9. TGrundy

10. For Sentimental Reasons – Sam Cooke

11. Get Yourself Another Fool – Sam Cooke

12. Falling In Love – Sam Cooke

13. Angel Turner

14. Only Sixteen – Sam Cooke

15. Try A Little Tenderness – Sam Cooke

16. Tenderness – Sam Cooke

17. Chains Of Love – Sam Cooke

18. DarrenKeith

19. Touching Me – The Ovations (featuring Louis Williams)

20. Cry Me A River – Sam Cooke

21. Fool’s Paradise – Sam Cooke

22. Smoke Rings – Sam Cooke

23. Mr. Fresh

24. Nothing Can Change This Love – Sam Cooke

25. Send Me Some Lovin’ – Sam Cooke

26. These Foolish Things – Sam Cooke

27. You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You – Sam Cooke

28. TGrundy

29. Lovable – Sam Cooke

30. You Send Me – The Manhattans



“These Three Words…”

cupid's hunt 8


…are the heart and soul of Cupid’s Hunt.

And, what touches the heart and soul deeper than a Stevie Wonder love song?  There were so many of those slow jams; dating back to the days of Little Stevie Wonder.  A Stevie album made you learn (“How Long, How Come”), protest (‘You Haven’t Done Nothin”) and fall in love (your favorite goes here); all between the beginning of the first cut and the end of the last.  But, it’s those love songs that leave imprints deep inside so strong that hearing them now takes you back to the days when your lights were dim, the incense was glowing and you were with that special someone who made you feel like Stevie wrote that song just for you two.

Who comes to mind when you dim your lights, light your incense and listen to your favorite Stevie Wonder love songs?  If they are near, have a dance or two, courtesy of The Night Shift.  If they aren’t near, smile at the memory and wish them well.

And, remember These Three Words…

stevie wonder


Angel Turner

These Three Words – Stevie Wonder

Weakness – Stevie Wonder

Too Shy To Say – Stevie Wonder

If It’s Magic – Stevie Wonder


Creepin’ Stevie Wonder/Luther Vandross

For Your Love – Stevie Wonder

You And I – Stevie Wonder

How Will I Know – Stevie Wonder and Aisha Morris

Can’t Imagine Love Without You – Stevie Wonder

Overjoyed – Stevie Wonder

Ribbon In The Sky – Stevie Wonder

Joy Inside My Tears – Stevie Wonder

Angel Turner

How Come, How Long – Babyface and Stevie Wonder

Easy Goin’ Evening (My Mama’s Call) – Stevie Wonder

Do I Love Her – Stevie Wonder

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life – Stevie Wonder


All In Love Is Fair – Stevie Wonder

Cause We Ended As Lovers – Syreeta Wright/Jeff Beck


I wouldn’t have been able to bring you a righteous Stevie podcast without the help of TGrundy – otherwise known as Mr. Brilliant, the Chief Chef of the RIBS Kitchen.  There were songs in this mix that I either never knew, or didn’t remember; and secrets about beat-matching and harmonic mixing that will make every project from now on that much more fun.  Aside from all things technical and many things musical, there are few things more fun than sharing the music, the memories and the task at hand with someone who was there when the lights were dim, and the incense glowed.

Thanks, T.


Cupid’s Hunt 8 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

cupid's hunt 8

For the past six of Cupid’s Hunt’s eight consecutive years, I have had the pleasure of producing love music mixes to contribute to the Valentine’s Day celebration.  This year, we’re dancing and loving to two more of my favorite mellow men:  Freddie Jackson and Luther Vandross.

Let’s get this love journey started.

Forever, For Always, For Love – Lalah Hathaway – Outrun The Sky


Me & Mrs. Jones – Freddie Jackson – Classic Masters

So Amazing – Luther Vandross – The Essential Luther Vandross

Angel Turner

Knocks Me Off My Feet – Stevie Wonder/Luther Vandross

Rock Me Tonight/Let’s Get It On (Medley) – Freddie Jackson – The Greatest Hits


Hit It Again – Luther Vandross and Queen Latifah – Dance With My Father

You Are My Lady – Freddie Jackson – The Greatest Hits

Creepin’ -Luther Vandross – The Essential Luther Vandross

Mr. Fresh

There’s Nothing Better Than Love – Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines – The Essential Luther Vandross

Tasty Love – Freddie Jackson – The Greatest Hits

If Only For One Night – Luther Vandross – The Essential Luther Vandross

Love Me Down – Freddie Jackson – The Greatest Hits

Power Of Love/Love Power – Luther Vandross – The Essential Luther Vandross

I Could Use A Little Love (Right Now) – Freddie Jackson – The Greatest Hits

Buy Me A Rose – Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father


A Little Bit More – Freddie Jackson and Melba Moore – Classic Masters

Our Anniversary


Four years ago, I worked feverishly to release my first Cupid’s Hunt mix in time for our February 10 wedding anniversary.  Well, I managed to do it again this year, although posting it in time for our celebration was delayed by…our celebration.

I’ll post the playlist later.  Until, then, I hope you just sit back and enjoy the surprise.

I dedicate this to Gregory T. Bethune, Sr.; and to February 10, 1979.


For Mom and Dad – Cupid’s Hunt Old School Mix


I have to thank my mother and father for my love for music; and for my love for the mellow men of rhythm and blues.  Brook Benton, Tony Williams (of The Platters), Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles and the ever-growing stable of Motown mellow men  filled our house, especially after the addition of  the ‘hi-fi’.

Maybe a little later, I’ll add more to this post about watching Mom and Dad ‘slow drag’  to Ray or Brook; or about the Ray Charles concert we attended at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City; or about the New Year’s night my brother and I woke to Tony Williams and my dad standing in our bedroom doorway.   But, for now, I’ll wipe away a tear and listen to Brook Benton sing “Think Twice’.

Mom and Dad, this is my Valentine to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.




  1. It’s Just A Matter Of Time – Brook Benton
  2. JBethune
  3. The Great Pretender – The Platters
  4. A Woman, A Lover, A Friend – Jackie Wilson
  5. Here We Go Again – Ray Charles
  6. DarrenKeith
  7. A Rainy Night In Georgia – Brook Benton
  8. Only You (And You Alone) – The Platters
  9. Doggin’Around – Jackie Wilson
  10. Doggin’Around – Michael Jackson
  11. Fave
  12. I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles
  13. Kiddio – Brook Benton
  14. Crying Time – Ray Charles
  15. One In A Million – The Platters
  16. Lonely Teardrops – Jackie Wilson
  17. Angel Turner
  18. Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes) – Brook Benton & Dinah Washington
  19. Heaven On Earth – The Platters
  20. To Be Loved – Jackie Wilson
  21. Enchanted – The Platters
  22. TGrundy
  23. Hotel Happines – Brook Benton
  24. Twilight Time – The Platters
  25. You Don’t Know Me – Jackie Wilson
  26. You Don’t Know Me – Ray Charles
  27. Anji Bee
  28. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – The Platters
  29. For Your Precious Love – Jackie Wilson (with Count Basie)
  30. (You’ve Got) The Magic Touch – The Platters
  31. Angel Turner
  32. Think Twice – Brook Benton
  33. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher

I have to give a special shout-out to Scottie L. Smith, Sr.  (I promised I’d tag you for this mix); and, to Jonathan C. Morton, who sat in many a study hall with me singing some of these songs to my little portable tape player.

He Draggged Me Out Of The 70s…

Cupid's hunt 6

I have to admit…I’m stuck in the 70s.

The songs of my youth – and the songs of my early childhood played by my parents –  were truly the soundtrack of my life.  When I left home and began building a life with my husband and kids, the kids were rocked to sleep and danced across the floor to the sounds of classic R&B.

So, as we entered the 90s, when I finally had the right combination of time and funds to add a few songs to that soundtrack, where had all the crooners gone?

They were working with Quincy Jones and Babyface.

My tribute to Quincy is in the archives of previous Cupid’s Hunts mixes.  It’s still one of my favorite backgrounds to romantic moments.  This tribute to Babyface started out as an exercise in beat-mixing, and took off on its own.

Thank-you, Kenneth Edmonds, for helping me step out of the 70s (at least, for a little while).

Thank-you, Margaret Bethune Borman and Sara Bethune, for sitting me in down for Toni Braxton’s white jumpsuit video.

Thank-you, Greg Bethune, for providing me with many a romantic moment that inspired my Cupid’s Hunt mixes.

And, to my girls in L&D, NICU and MBU at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center:  this is for the cool in you.

  1. TGrundy
  2. For The Cool In You – Babyface
  3. For The Cool In You – The Whispers
  4. Angel Turner
  5. Well Alright – Babyface
  6. Angel Turner
  7. Whip Appeal – Babyface
  8. Whip Appeal – The Whispers
  9. You’re Making Me High – Toni Braxton
  10. You’re Making Me High – The Whispers
  11. Mr. Fresh
  12. Until You Come Back – Whitney Houston
  13. Good Enough – Bobby Brown
  14. Soon As I Get Home – Babyface
  15. Soon As I Get Home – The Whispers
  16. DarrenKeith
  17. My, My, My – Johnny Gill
  18. My, My, My – The Whispers
  19. Two Occasions – The Deele
  20. Two Occasions – The Whispers
  21. All The Things I Should Have Known – K-Ci and Jojo
  22. TGrundy
  23. I’ll Make Love To You – Babyface
  24. I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men

Class of ’75 – Blue Lights In The Basement

Shortly after Cupid’s Hunt 2010, I promised some Class of ’75 mixes to celebrate classmates and friends lost and found.  I haven’t forgotten.  Every once in a while, a playlist forms in my head, only to (poof!) vanish like a puff of smoke.  There were so many memorable songs that year (at least, I think so); I wasn’t sure where to start.

So, for Cupid’s Hunt 2012, I’ll focus on some of the love songs that rocked those blue-light-in-the-basement parties brought to mind whenever I hear one played on the radio.  Nothing by Smokey (I’m glad I was able to finish his mix); and nothing by the Tempts (I’m working on their mix, too).  I probably should have paid special attention to Barry White as well.  Working with “Let Me Live My Life Loving You” has given me a few ideas.  Also, there’s a little surprise by Solo from 1995.  Hearing it the first time reminded me of “Let’s Do It Again”.  Their sound it reminiscent of Sam Cooke; and will be featured in a tribute for him later this year.

But for now, pick your spot on the wall.

For Todd Grundy and the Furys, who threw the best basement parties I can remember.

TNS – Cupid’s Hunt – Class of ’75: Blue Lights in the Basement

  1. Lovin’  You – Minnie Ripperton – Perfect Angel
  2. TGrundy
  3. Let Me Live My Life Lovin’ You – Barry White – Just Another Way To Say I Love You
  4. I Belong To You – Love Unlimited – Best of Love Unlimited
  5. Let Me Make Love To You – The O’Jays – The Essential O’Jays
  6. Fave
  7. Love Won’t Let Me Wait – Major Harris – My Way
  8. Just A Thing That I Do – Major Harris – My Way
  9. TGrundy
  10. Reasons (Live) – Earth, Wind & Fire – Gratititude
  11. Your Smile – Rufus – Rufusized
  12. I Can’t Say No – Natalie Cole – Inseperable
  13. Inseperable – Natalie Cole – Inseperable
  14. Mr. Fresh
  15. Remember What I Told You To Forget – Tavares – Anthology
  16. Sweet Love – The Commodores – Motown Love
  17. For The Love Of You (Part 1 & 2) – The Isley Brothers – Love Songs
  18. DarrenKeith
  19. Let’s Do It Again – The Staple Singers
  20. Where Do U Want Me To Put It – Solo – Solo
  21. Hope That We Can Be Together Soon – Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes (feat. Sharon Paige) – To Be True