Class of ’75 – A Song For You

When it comes to songs that bring memories (and the occasional tear), the one song that still stops me in my tracks, it’s the Tempts’ “A Song For You”.  You can’t dance to it; you just have to sit and listen.  Sing along if you think you can; but, even in private, I rarely try to drown out what I still think was Dennis Edwards’ finest performance.

The album was a bon-voyage present from a group of friends.  The title song was my favorite at the time (quite a feat, considering the slavish devotion I paid to those Jackson boys); and I was planning to buy the album with the first paycheck from my new job.  Instead, thanks to my friends, I got to take the album with me and play it all summer on my tiny portable record player.  “A Song For You” and “Memories” are on every ‘mellow’ playlist I write and disc I burn.  They are my lullabies; the background music when I study; the wind-down music when I want to sit and chill.  They have quieted fussy babies; and, kicked-off reunions with my friends.  But, most of all, they remind me of good people I miss; and more good people I’ve met along the way.

So, on Sunday evenings, when the local r&b channel airs its “Quiet Storm” show, I close my eyes and remember…

It’s June, 1975.  We’re done with high school; and looking forward to leaving (scattering, really) in September.  I can’t wait, and take an out-of-town summer job.  There’s one last hurrah, though:  a surprise party at my house; and two albums wrapped in paper (thanks, guys).  For the PCs, I pour a little on the ground for one of us, and toast the rest.

P.S.  That’s the Commodores backing up the Tempts on “Happy People”.  They were listed on the album as “The Temptations Band”.

Class of ’75 – The Temptations by JBethune

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  • TGrundy says:

    Ahhhh, “A Song For You” and “Memories”… [sigh}

    “Wish that I could wind, like a spiral stair through time,
    To your body next to mine, warm and satisfied.
    Wish that I could catch, a night train to the past,
    Climb aboard and hear you ask, ‘Darling come inside.'”

    Damn! Some of the best lyrics to begin a soul ballad… ever.

  • admin says:

    I know.

    Even now, they leave a lump in my throat.

    That Manhattans version on your “Whispers, Manhattans & Spinners, part 1″…I didn’t even know it existed until I heard your mix. I love what The Manhattans did with that song; but, it’s still the Tempts I play late at night.

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