Class of ’75 – Motown Memories

This month marks 10 years of the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration.  I wasn’t there at the beginning; I wish I had been.  Cupid’s Hunt not only introduced me to some very awesome folks – it led me back to my old love of mixing music, and to renewed ties with old friends.

This year also marks a milestone for the Class of ’75.  Most of us – who haven’t already – will hit the Big 6-0 this year;  and I am all for celebrating the blessing that is being here, able to make noise for those who are not.  And,  while YEARS have passed since we walked across those graduation stages and celebrated finally being “legal”, the music we listened to during those first years of spreading our wings remains timeless.





TNS – Cupid’s Hunt – Motown Memories

  1. Cupid’s Hunt 10th Anniversary –  TGrundy
  2. JBethune
  3. A Song For You –  The Temptations
  4. Let’s Get It On (Album Version) –  Marvin Gaye
  5. Sista Suga
  6. You Sure Love To Ball (Album Version) –  Marvin Gaye
  7. Distant Lover (Album Version) –  Marvin Gaye
  8. Baby Come Close  – Smokey Robinson
  9. Paradise –  Temptations
  10. DarrenKeith
  11. Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) –  The Temptations
  12. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) –  The Temptations
  13. Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need –  Eddie Kendricks
  14. Too Shy To Say (Album Version) –  Stevie Wonder
  15. Heavenly –  The Temptations
  16. Angel Turner
  17. All In Love Is Fair Stevie Wonder
  18. Dream World (Wings Of Love) Temptations
  19. Deep And Quiet Love Eddie Kendricks
  20. Firefly The Temptations
  21. TGrundy
  22. Memories – The Temptations

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