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He Draggged Me Out Of The 70s…

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Cupid's hunt 6

I have to admit…I’m stuck in the 70s.

The songs of my youth – and the songs of my early childhood played by my parents –  were truly the soundtrack of my life.  When I left home and began building a life with my husband and kids, the kids were rocked to sleep and danced across the floor to the sounds of classic R&B.

So, as we entered the 90s, when I finally had the right combination of time and funds to add a few songs to that soundtrack, where had all the crooners gone?

They were working with Quincy Jones and Babyface.

My tribute to Quincy is in the archives of previous Cupid’s Hunts mixes.  It’s still one of my favorite backgrounds to romantic moments.  This tribute to Babyface started out as an exercise in beat-mixing, and took off on its own.

Thank-you, Kenneth Edmonds, for helping me step out of the 70s (at least, for a little while).

Thank-you, Margaret Bethune Borman and Sara Bethune, for sitting me in down for Toni Braxton’s white jumpsuit video.

Thank-you, Greg Bethune, for providing me with many a romantic moment that inspired my Cupid’s Hunt mixes.

And, to my girls in L&D, NICU and MBU at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center:  this is for the cool in you.

  1. TGrundy
  2. For The Cool In You – Babyface
  3. For The Cool In You – The Whispers
  4. Angel Turner
  5. Well Alright – Babyface
  6. Angel Turner
  7. Whip Appeal – Babyface
  8. Whip Appeal – The Whispers
  9. You’re Making Me High – Toni Braxton
  10. You’re Making Me High – The Whispers
  11. Mr. Fresh
  12. Until You Come Back – Whitney Houston
  13. Good Enough – Bobby Brown
  14. Soon As I Get Home – Babyface
  15. Soon As I Get Home – The Whispers
  16. DarrenKeith
  17. My, My, My – Johnny Gill
  18. My, My, My – The Whispers
  19. Two Occasions – The Deele
  20. Two Occasions – The Whispers
  21. All The Things I Should Have Known – K-Ci and Jojo
  22. TGrundy
  23. I’ll Make Love To You – Babyface
  24. I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men

For Whitney

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Once again, our Day of Love comes on the heels of heartbreak.  On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston left us to sing on the Night Shift.  She was 48.

As we inch toward the harrowing days until she is laid to rest; until the cause of her untimely death is made known; and, until the press is finished picking her life apart bit by bit, I would like us to remember the contribution she made to the soundtracks of our lives.  She was, truly, one of the great voices of our time.

Last August, as I was trying to add the finishing touches to a birthday mix for Whitney, the news of Nick Ashford’s passing blared on the tv behind me.  Whitney’s mix went to the ‘back burner’ while I worked on a tribute mix for Nick, and stayed there until Saturday.  (Some of my students might – and I mean might have gotten better grades on their homework this weekend, thanks to Miss Whitney’s mix.)  So, here I am with another tribute for Cupid’s Hunt: some of the Whitney love songs that have graced many a summer evening on my porch.  Included is my favorite of hers, one of her duets with Jermaine Jackson (of course).  I one sang it to a patient who told me I had “pretty brown eyes”.  Those who have heard me sing might get a chuckle from that.

{raising a glass}

To you, Miss Whitney.

Godspeed and God bless.

TNS – Cupid’s Hunt – Whitney

  1. TGrundy
  2. You Give Good Love
  3. Saving All My Love For You
  4. All At Once
  5. Didn’t We Almost Have It All
  6. One Moment In Time
  7. TGrundy
  8. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  9. Queen Of The Night
  10. Heartbreak Hotel (featuring Faith Evans & Kelly Price)
  11. My Love Is Your Love
  12. Angel Turner
  13. Could I Have This Dance Forever (featuring Enrique Iglesias)
  14. I Learned From The Best
  15. A Song For You
  16. All The Man That I Need
  17. If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful (featuring Jermaine Jackson)
  18. DarrenKeith
  19. Exhale
  20. I Believe In You And Me
  21. Greatest Love Of All
  22. When You Believe (featuring Mariah Carey)
  23. I Will Always Love You

I’d also like to dedicate this piece to Ms. April Rogers.  This has been a rough few days for us; we lost a friend this time last year.  Ms. April told me Whitney was her idol; so, I hope hearing Whitney’s voice will be spirit-lifting.